Scholes in Schools

Throughout our course, we refer to Robert Scholes' Rise and Fall of English.  In particular, their are several Scholesian ideas that we work with.  They include words like textuality, production, and consumption.  His notion of a canon of methods is something that drives our work, as well. We also refer to Gerald Graff work to undo students' cluelessness in academia, which he argues is achieved by making transparent the structures (Scholes might say grammars) of academic discourse (Scholes might add power).

It's easy to shrug off words like textuality and discourse when you are teaching over 150 students whose skills are far below your expectations.  What does theory have to do with everyday teaching anyhow? I would argue, with Scholes here, that you enact theory with every word you use in the classroom, with the way you assess and assign writing.  You don't escape theory; you might ignore it, but you don't escape it.