Texts to Teach With

Schools Kill Creativity - Ken Robinson

 The Job of Writing - Salman Rushdie

Argument Clinic - Monty Python

The Networked Student - Common Craft

Fade to Black - Jay-Z

Tools to Teach With

  • Blog Resources: begin looking for websites and blogs that relate to your interests.  Try using Google Blog Search to start.  Next, set up a blog reader to help you manage those subscriptions.  Finally, talk with an adult about what it means to create your own learning blog.  These are some of my favorite blog-making sites: Wordpress, Blogger, Edublogs

  • Manage Information: try out a social bookmarking site like Diigo or Delicious.  You can use them to catalog sites that are of interest and share them with others.  What's more, you can set them up to link directly to your own blog.

  • Media Creation: there are tons of free sites out there to help you experiment with media creation.  Audacity is a free program you can download to record podcasts and music.  Jaycut allows you to edit video all online, for free.  Screen Jelly lets you make a screencast video tutorial that you can quickly send, embed, and post.  ToonDoo let's you make your own comic strip and share it with other. 

  • Building Websites: building blogs is best done with the web sites above.  In order to build actual web sites yourself, try: Wix, Google Sites, or Weebly.

  • Social Networks: it's easier than ever to create a social network to share your interests and learning with others.  One popular site is called  Both Twitter and Facebook are allow you to share your questions and resources with others.

  • Google, Google, Google: Google.  You can build websites, manage email, create documents, set up calenders and so much more.  All for free.