What is teaching writing?

Christ's Hospital, 1816

This image raises so many questions about what it means to teach writing. ---->

Would Shakespeare Get in to Swarthmore?

Click on the link above to read an article from the Atlantic.  Then, consider the question to the right.

Joey's Lesson on Writing

The Binaries of Teaching English

In Rise and Fall of English, Scholes describes methods for deconstructing institutions.  One first step we can take, Scholes says, is to identify the binaries that comprise the institution and blur their false oppositions.  Here are some possibilities:
  • Literature / Composition
  • Content / Method
  • Qualitative / Quantitative
  • Consumption / Production
  • Analogue / Digital
  • Reading / Writing
  • Teachers / Students

Tom's Questions:

What happened before students walked in the room?

How does this teacher manage so many students, so much data? 

What are these students writing and why?

Who are the students writing for?

How does the teacher make the most of space, both physical and non-physical?

What are the teacher's methods of instruction?

What questions does the article raise about the relationship between art and assessment?

What does Joey's attempt to write a certain way suggest about the relationship between writers and audience? 

What questions does the clip raise about teaching writing in school?